Analysis of public gene expression data with Genevestigator

Analysis of public gene expression data with Genevestigator

basic bioinformatics


Start date:

05 March 2021

05 March 2021

General context

GENEVESTIGATOR® enables analysis of deeply curated bulk tissue and single-cell transcriptomic data from public repositories with user-friendly visualization tools. The unique collection of high quality data can be queried for biomarker and target discovery, diagnostics and in silico modelling. 

Access to Genevestigator is free for VIB scientists. 


This training will show you:

  • what Genevestigator is
  • how you can use it to answer your research questions

The morning session is taught by Philip Zimmerman, founder of Nebion, the company that develops Genevestigator. He will give an introduction to the software and a demonstration on how to use it.

The afternoon session is taught by Stephane Plaisance, data scientist at VIB Nucleomics Core. In this hands-on session the trainer will show how to use Genevestigator to answer questions proposed by the participants.

Event intended for

VIB only


Stéphane Plaisance

Stéphane Plaisance is a bioinformatitician at the VIB Nucleomics Core in Leuven.

Contact Stéphane Plaisance :
Philip Zimmermann

CEO and co-founder of NEBION, a Swiss bioinformatics, biocuration and data integration company that develops Genevestigator.