Analyzing flow cytometry data using FlowJo

Analyzing flow cytometry data using FlowJo

Start date:

04 November 2019

04 November 2019

General context

FlowJo version10 is a newly designed version of the famous FlowJo software. In contrast with previous versions (iOS only), version 10 is now a multi-platform software tool (Windows, iOS, Linux). It now has a very intuitive user interface designed to analyze your data in a very practical and fast way.
The training will be focused on getting familiar with all the tools available within the software.


Learn researchers how to analyze flow cytometry data in an efficient way using FlowJo v10,the world’s nr.1 analysis software tool for flow cytometry data.
This training will make you familiar with all the basic and advanced features of FlowJo v10. In the end you will be able to analyze and visualize your flow data and learn how to get the statistics out of it

Required skills

Prior knowledge in general flow cytometry is required but the general principles will be repeated.

Course materials




Flow cytometry, multicolor flow and compensation: general principles
General layout introduction
Workspace overview
Creating, handling and saving workspaces
Creation of groups
Gating procedures
Creating statistics tables with the Table editor
Data visualization with Layout editor
Batch analysis features
Automated compensation
Practical exercise with some datasets

Practical info

Location & Venue

04 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent

Overwale 3
9000 Ghent

Public transport

04 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent
Public transport

The train station Ghent St-Pieters is only 250 m away. We have 40 bike lots.

Route description

04 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent

We offer parking lots (1.20 € per hour). GPS address: Sint-Denijslaan 251.
Please take the neem the exit SPORTHAL HoGent (not Campus HoGent) and drive all the way to the end, so past the parking slots of HoGent.

Venue contact

04 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent
Location contact

+32 476 46 10 40