Basic statistics in R part II, winter session

Basic statistics in R part II, winter session



Start date:

28 February 2021

General context

This course is available as an online screencast. 

Please register if you're interested in this training. One month after we reach 15 registrations the training will be organized. 


This training builds further on the Basic statistics in R training, showing you how to do statistical analyses in R. Where the Basic statistics in R training is an introduction to the use of R and RStudio and stops at very basic analyses, this training gives you a full overview of statistical analyses in R including regression, ANOVA... Emphasis will be placed on practical applications. To this end, theory will be complemented with hands-on exercises in R, a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. 


After this training you will be able to use R for basic statistical analyses.

Required skills

This training is intended for people who already have a basic knowledge of R: data types, basic graphics... Participants who have never worked with R or RStudio should first follow the course Basic statistics in R.

Course materials