Initiation to Linux command line

Initiation to Linux command line

basic bioinformatics


Start date:

08 February 2021

08 February 2021

General context

This sessions will be online using Microsoft Teams. The instructions will be send by mail a couple of days before the training.

This training is a prerequisite for all Linux novices who want to follow a training that requires the use of Linux command line like the metagenomics or the GATK training. 


After this training you will:

  • feel comfortable using Linux command line
  • use bash to execute commands in Linux and know your way around the file system
Course materials


Christof De Bo
Staff employee Research Informatics at VIB
Contact Christof De Bo :



The UNIX file system
Users on Linux and access rights to view, create and execute
Basics of the command line
Best tips enhancing your command line experience


Reading and writing contents in the command line
Analysing text output from bioinformatics tools
Passing outputs from and to different tools
Scripting in Linux