Introduction to Git & GitHub

Introduction to Git & GitHub

basic bioinformatics


Start date:

07 November 2019

07 November 2019

General context

This half-day (morning) workshop will take you through the basic use of Git and GitHub. Git is a free and open source distributed version-control system designed to maintain code, track changes, recover old versions and collaborate with other developers. 

This course is open to everyone for free, kindly provided to you by ELIXIR-BE. 


Get you started with Git from zero (note that if you already use Git, this workshop will be too basic for you). We'll look into git on a command-line level & GitHub online version.

  • Introduction, set-up & configurations
  • Working locally: Create a repository, clone, edit, staging commits, commit & push
  • Working with your history, logs and diffs (including undo changes)
  • Working in a project: Forking, branching, pull requests, fetch, merge, pull & push

In the most likely case, we have time left:

  • Resolving common problems
  • Collaborating tactics
  • Gitignore files
Event intended for

This course is intended for researchers who are learning or using a programming language and might have an existing project with code or text files that need track of changes. If you intend to make your code collaborative, bonus points for you!

Required skills

You know how to change your directory and list your files in the command line interface. 


Tuur Muyldermans

Tuur Muyldermans is a bioinformatics trainer at the VIB Bioinformatics Core and ELIXIR Belgium. 

Contact Tuur Muyldermans :


09:30 - 12:30: Introduction to Git & GitHub

Practical info

Location & Venue

07 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent

Overwale 3
9000 Ghent

Public transport

07 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent
Public transport

The train station Ghent St-Pieters is only 250 m away. We have 40 bike lots.

Route description

07 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent

We offer parking lots (1.20 € per hour). GPS address: Sint-Denijslaan 251.
Please take the neem the exit SPORTHAL HoGent (not Campus HoGent) and drive all the way to the end, so past the parking slots of HoGent.

Venue contact

07 November 2019

Clemenspoort Gent
Location contact

+32 476 46 10 40