ReproHack - A hackaton on reproducible data analysis

ReproHack - A hackaton on reproducible data analysis



Start date:

20 October 2020

20 October 2020

General context

Did you ever read a paper with insufficient documentation and poorly understandable data analysis? Or are you struggling with reproducing your own analyses? We're all cheering for researchers making their data analysis reproducible, although it's kind of a struggle to do it ourselves. On the 20th October 2020, we gather for the first ReproHack organized in Belgium. ReproHack is an acronym for Reproducibility Hackaton and encourages papers to be published with reproducible code and accessible data. 


During a ReproHack, participants attempt to reproduce published research of their choice from a list of proposed papers with publicly available associated code and data. This approach should provide a low-pressure environment to actually get working with other people's code and data. Besides evaluating the analysis of papers, this hackaton is also about working together, networking and learning from each other! 

Disclaimer: It’s imperative to note that this event is by no means an attempt to criticize or discredit work. We see reproduction as beneficial scientific activity in itself, with useful outcomes for authors and valuable learning experiences for the participants and the research community as a whole.

  1. Nominate a paper

We accept nominations from anyone. Both researchers that have submitted a paper and would like to test whether one of your own papers is reproducible, and researchers that want to dig into the code of another paper! Either way, we encourage proponents to seek consent from the original authors for their nominations. Nominate a paper via this link. The papers will be assembled and showcased before selection via this link

  1. Register as participant

Join us at the hack to dig into exciting science, learn more about reproducibility, working with other people's code and data and more.

Required skills

We encourage everyone with some experience in data handling and coding to participate, depending on the paper that will be chosen, to register for this hackaton. 


Welcome & Introduction of the day

ReproHack in groups

Practical info

Location & Venue

20 October 2020

Clemenspoort Gent

Overwale 3
9000 Ghent

Public transport

20 October 2020

Clemenspoort Gent
Public transport

The train station Ghent St-Pieters is only 250 m away. We have 40 bike lots.

Route description

20 October 2020

Clemenspoort Gent

We offer parking lots (1.20 € per hour). GPS address: Sint-Denijslaan 251.
Please take the neem the exit SPORTHAL HoGent (not Campus HoGent) and drive all the way to the end, so past the parking slots of HoGent.

Venue contact

20 October 2020

Clemenspoort Gent
Location contact

+32 476 46 10 40