Research collaboration webinar

Research collaboration webinar


Online webinar

Start date:

22 April 2021


22 April 2021, 10:00 - 12:00

General context

Inclusive and effective research collaborations

Research is increasingly a team-only endeavor, and teams grow and cross disciplinary boundaries to address complex scientific questions and societal problems. How do you bridge cultural, organizational, or disciplinary divides? How do you ensure buy-in and engagement from all team members over time? In this webinar we will address these, and other, questions by: 1) defining the different dimensions of research collaborations and outlining key challenges for each; 2) introducing our approach for framing research collaborations to enable co-design, co-development, and alignment of goals, interests and priorities; and 3) touching upon key aspects of planning, decision-making and team communications.


The webinar will provide an overview of key concepts and issues related to creating and conducting effective research collaborations:


  • Types of collaborations
  • Identifying needs and scope
  • Goal-setting and desired outcomes
  • Understanding impact
  • Identifying and engaging with prospective collaborators
  • Framing the collaboration
  • Bridging cultural divides
  • Diversity matters


  • Planning – the devil’s in the details
  • A taxonomy of actions
  • Actions, approaches and milestones
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risk management
  • Team communications and decision-making
Event intended for

Everybody in VIB interested to learn more on how to set up and how to conduct research collaborations.

Extra information

This training is only open for VIB participants and is free.


Dan Csontos

Editorial Director at Elevate Scientific (ES)

Education Director at Elevate Scientific Academy (ESA)

At Elevate Scientific he directs and contributes to the development of a wide range of science communications for researchers and research institutions, e.g. grant proposals, high-impact publications, opinion pieces, PR, and major evaluation and strategy reports. At ESA he drives and contributes to the development and delivery of all its trainings. Before founding Elevate, Dan was an editor with Nature and Nature Physics. He holds a PhD in physics from Lund University (Sweden).

Gretchen Repasky

COO and Vice Education Director at Elevate Scientific Academy (ESA) Gretchen is responsible for ESA’s operations and works with Dan to manage and develop ESA’s training portfolio. She is also the lead trainer on ESA’s trainings on research collaborations, for which she draws on her extensive background in research and research management. Prior to joining ESA, Gretchen was the COO of the NNF Center for Stem Cell Biology in Copenhagen and training coordinator at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland. She holds a PhD in cell and molecular biology from New York University.