Research Software Developers Day

Research Software Developers Day



Start date:

03 December 2020

General context

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The big promise of software is to make the impossible possible and to make our lives easier - to automate the tedious and the error prone. Modern scientific research relies on these properties of software and on the talent, skill, and dedication of software developers. But all too often, research software and its developers are hidden behind the science they make possible.

​This is a day for research software and research software developers. Today we gather together to make our software better, more reliable, more trustworthy, but most of all, to share our vast collective experience. Join our community for an exciting day of talks and workshops to discuss the challenges you face and the bugs you chase.

Due to current COVID-19 regulations, this event will be held online. Tickets are free of charge, however registering is still necessary. Communication regarding the streaming platform and updates on the program will be provided via mail after your successful registration. 


The aim of this conference is to foster a community of research software developers and to collectively improve the standard of software used for scientific research. For this, our first edition, we focus on three main themes: reproducibility, software quality and infrastructure.

​If you have something to say, whether broadly related to the topics mentioned above or not, we kindly request you to submit a talk or workshop proposal via this link. If you miss out, you'll have another opportunity to give a lightning talk on the day.


Event intended for
  • Researchers who develop software for research purposes
  • Software developers working in a research group
  • Organisations that provide services for research software developers
  • Anyone else with an interest in these topics


The schedule is accessible at