Time management for PI's

Time management for PI's

leadership & management

This is an online training

Start date:

09 February 2021

09 February 2021

General context

We start with the core concept of self-management, what it is and how it works in this everchanging environment.

The programme thereafter deals with three pillars of self-management: Efficiency – Effectiveness – Energy

We start with the challenge of being effective (“Am I doing the right things?”). You learn how to deal with the tornado of urgent things in order to be able to spend more time to the important tasks in your job. We challenge you to take responsibility for your priorities yourself and we give you tools to influence your surroundings effectively by doing so. No ready-made tips & tricks, we offer you a personal quest and the development of your own approach.

Concerning efficiency (how to get more things done in less time), our approach is based on the insights of ‘Getting Things Done’ (David Allen): collecting, processing, organizing, doing. Planning thereby plays an important part. We give you workable tips and ideas for approaches concerning (short term and long term) planning, managing information, order and tidiness, working in a focused way and personal organization. With every building block, participants check how their own work context corresponds with these insights and they design an action plan to organize their work and time in a better way.

The last lever for personal effectiveness is energy: energy and desire to work effectively and efficiently. We deal with personal motivation, the art of making effective and conscious choices and how to keep on motivating yourself to follow these choices, even on those moments when things don’t go our way. We apply the cornerstones of motivation to your own work context and explore how you can inspire and motivate your colleagues. We provide a roadmap on how to deal with stress and misfortune in a resilient way. And we help you find out how to (even) better connect professional choices and personal aspirations.


At the end of the training, participants are able:

  • to capture the idea of self-management
  • to understand the concept of work-life integration
  • to define for themselves the right priorities in their job: those things that directly contribute to their core responsibilities
  • to deal in an adequate way with the tornado of urgent (though not always important) things that call for them
  • to effectively bring into practice those time management tips that will make a difference for them
  • to bring structure in their daily chores and responsibilities
  • to identify those things that give energy / that cost energy and to make sound choices about what to keep / discard
  • to tap and strengthen their personal sources of motivation
  • to feed their resilience on three different levels
  • to feed higher motivation for their own job by taking care of personal aspirations in the job context

We work experience-based. Based on an intake-questionnaire of every individual participant, we develop real cases. This enables us to deal with the actual experience of the participants and to offer exercises and experiments that really make a difference. Self-insight and skills are well-founded on a select set of theoretical frames and models. We expect our participants to do more than just ‘download’ tips & tricks: we work towards the development of an own approach that fits the work context of the participant.

Event intended for

VIB group leaders and experts.

Extra information

This course is only open for VIB participants and is free.


True Colours

True Colours® is a creation of Lisa Boelaert and Herwig Deconinck – inspired by 17 years of working together and our shared drive, dream and vision concerning people, development, teamwork & change.

As a change consultancy, True Colours has built a niche within research and academic organisations on the one hand, and they work for profit, non-profit, production and service companies on the other hand.

True Colours coaches:
•Individuals (coaching/training/supporting)
•Teams (team coaching, conflict mediation, team development, teambuilding)
•Organisations (process support, work conferences and large group interventions, setting up and guiding change programmes, strategy exercises, …)

regarding the changes that are happening to them or in which they find themselves.

True Colours likes to combine their insights and experiences in HR, solutions-focused work practices, organisational design and lean management, and personal and team leadership.

They specialise in short-term projects within a long-term relationship: a thorough knowledge of the client enables us to respond maximally to concrete requests and makes change possible in the short-term. They have been working together with VIB for more that 10 years now.

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