Adaptive leadership

Adaptive leadership

leadership & management

This is an online training

Start date:

18 January 2021


18 & 19 January 2021

General context

A starting leader will learn the simple rule, to write down how he/she want to be lead, and then apply the  same  strategy  for  his/her  employees.  A  great  leader will learn that  there  are  many  different leadership styles and that each style has its most opportune moment to be used. These moments depend on the situation and the employee. Do you know what style works best for your colleagues? Do you know what your personal preferred style is, and how it is being perceived by your colleagues / students / employees?

This training starts with a leadership survey, self‐identifying your personal style and receiving feedback from your colleagues on your style. Next we will cover the different leadership styles and when to apply them. Last we will cover how to recognize which personality types you have in your organisation and how you can best adapt your leadership style to empower your colleagues the most. Great leaders play chess, not checkers. Greatness of a leader is not measured by your personal success, but by the success of the people around you, by having interacted with you. 


1. Understanding the difference between leadership, managing, and coaching. 
2. Understanding the different leadership styles. 
3. Understanding what leadership style can be applied when and what styles to avoid when. 
4. Understanding personality and the impact of leadership styles. 


Lecture,  Individual  work,  Break‐Out  Discussions,  Group  Discussions,  Case‐Studies,  Role  playing, Feedback. 

Event intended for

Prime‐prospect: Post‐Docs and ZAP, but in essence anyone who is ‘starting’ as a leader of others.

Extra information
  • This training is only open for VIB participants and is free.
  • Note that upon no show without valid justification a fee of € 100 will be charged and you will be blacklisted for the VIB training program for 1 year. Click here for more information.


Robin Lefebvre - Grow 2 Excel

Robin Lefebvre is a coach and trainer and has worked both in academia and industry. In academia he obtained his PhD at VIB-UAntwerpen on Molecular Genetics. In industry he was responsible for a research department at Procter and Gamble, where he was also a corporate trainer and head of recruitment for R&D Belgium. He followed his passion to help others grow, and is now active as a full-time leadership trainer and coach.



The course consists of three parts:

Individual pre‐work:  

There  will  be  both  a  self‐evaluation  questionnaire  and  a  360  Feedback  questionnaire  on  you  as  a leader. Additionally  there will  be a  requirement  to send in  some  situations  of  personal leadership challenges, that we can solve during the training. 

The actual training: 

A 2 day training; 2 days of 8 hours with a trainer. 

Post Training track:

During the second day, the whole group will be divided in sub‐groups of 4 to 5 participants. This with the intent of creating discussion groups that will continue after the training on how to apply the  training  content.  Most  learning  happens when  applying  the  material,  and  making  a  longer connection after  the training. All participants have experienced  the same group process and while coming from a different background are at the same turning point in their career. Most people miss having this fall‐back option at this turning point, to exchange experiences and insights, to vent their stories.  

The sub‐group will have the opportunity to continue learning up to 8 session after the training. There are 8 discussion guides for a 1hour meeting available, to enable going deeper into the different tools from the training. The discussion groups will further be supported via an online discussion forum and a  group facilitator  to  moderate  the  online  forum  and  keep  the  drum  beat.  All activities  are  on  a voluntary  basis,  with  online  material  to  facilitate  the discussions.  The  trainer  will  be  available  for questions on the forum. 

Practical info

Extra information

This training will be provided as a live webinar training, where you will be putting theoretical models in practice. You will be interacting with fellow participants and the trainer. The focus is on your expectations, your questions and your needs. You will be doing the work, via individual exercises, small group exercises and planning to put gained insights into actions.

During the web conference training, there will be live interaction with the trainer and the participants, please ensure:

1. A quiet room where you can work behind your pc and where you can write either on post-it or paper.

2. Your computer is set up with clear audio (speakers and microphone).

3. Your computer is set up with a webcam or other video tool so that we can see you.

4. Pre-install the app Zoom on your PC, it will go smoother than the web version: