Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

VIB TRAINING offers the opportunity to scientists and supportive staff to put together a personal training program tailored to his or her own career path and ambitions. To guarantee that we can make our training courses available to as many people as possible, we expect you to be present if you have registered for a course. If you cannot attend, we ask you to inform VIB TRAINING as soon as possible. Many of our courses are in high demand, so upon cancellation in due time, someone else can still take your seat. Also, we can avoid unnecessary catering costs.

All events organized by VIB TRAINING apply a no-show policy. Courses can be cancelled until one week prior to the course, unless otherwise stated. In case of no-show without timely notification or valid justification (medical attestation in case of illness, a clarification by your group leader in any other case), following actions are taken:

  • You will not be admitted to any future VIB TRAINING course during 12 months following the no-show. For courses consisting of several days, we expect you to be present at all days.
  • For science events, upon no-show without valid justification, the catering costs (€ 50) will be charged to your Research Group.
  • For some of our courses, a no-show fee of € 100 is charged (for courses of several days this applies when attending less than 75% of the course days). This is clearly indicated on the course webpage under 'Extra Information'. 

A certificate of attendance for courses of several days will only be provided when present on all days of the course.

Of course, we trust that you have the permission of your group leader before registering for any VIB TRAINING event!

If a course gets cancelled by Training at VIB, we will reimburse your registration fee. However, travel and/or accomodation will not be reimbursed if we need to cancel the training because of external measures that are out of our hands. We advise you to buy tickets and/or accomodation with cancellation assurance.



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