ERC Applications for Starters & Consolidators: Tips & Tricks

ERC Applications for Starters & Consolidators: Tips & Tricks

grant writing

Ghent, Clemenspoort

Start date:

10 September 2020

10 September 2020

General context

We hope that we will be able to offer this training as scheduled. However, if  a live training would not be possible due to measurements that we need to take to prevent spreading of the Corona virus, this training will be offered remotely.


The ERC (European Research Council) supports excellent scientists at different steps in their career. It provides highly competitive grants for both beginning and experienced scientists.

This training provides you with unique insights in the application process of ERC funding. You will learn what reviewers are looking for. Unique hands-on exercises with real VIB ERC applications will help you to craft a strong application, assess its strengths and remedy its weaknesses. We will show you the basics of a strong abstract, the key steps in writing proposals (including SWOT analysis), and mitigation plans. Finally, we will help you in composing the strongest possible CV.


To provide researchers with a good understanding of:

  • The ERC criteria and how reviewers use them to evaluate the excellence of applicants and proposals.
  • How to formulate a strong research question and write a research proposal that takes the specificities of the panel into account.
  • How to build your CV.

This training will give you the insights to write a highly competitive grant proposal that meets the stringent ERC standards and bring you closer to achieving your goals.


The training is highly interactive and provides all practical information on how to translate your research idea into an ERC application. Several eye-opening VIB examples will teach you how to improve your own proposal.

During the course, you will get feedback on your CV and a short abstract, which we will ask you to submit during the registration process.

Event intended for

Senior postdocs and group leaders at VIB who are looking to start or consolidate an independent research team and are planning to write an ERC starting or consolidator grant application.

Extra information
  • This training is free for VIB participants.
  • Registration fee for non-VIB participants is € 50 (VAT incl).
  • The course is not open for industry.
  • Note that upon no show without valid justification you will be blacklisted for the VIB training program for 1 year. Click here for more information.


Lieve Ongena
Senior Science Policy and Grants Manager at VIB
Elien Vandermarliere
International Grant Officer at VIB

Practical info

Location & Venue

10 September 2020

Clemenspoort Gent

Overwale 3
9000 Ghent

Public transport

10 September 2020

Clemenspoort Gent
Public transport

The train station Ghent St-Pieters is only 250 m away. We have 40 bike lots.

Route description

10 September 2020

Clemenspoort Gent

We offer parking lots (1.20 € per hour). GPS address: Sint-Denijslaan 251.
Please take the neem the exit SPORTHAL HoGent (not Campus HoGent) and drive all the way to the end, so past the parking slots of HoGent.

Venue contact

10 September 2020

Clemenspoort Gent
Location contact

+32 476 46 10 40