Hiring the right person for your team

Hiring the right person for your team


Online course

Start date:

17 March 2021


17, 24 & 26 March 2021, each time from 9h - 12h

General context

The aim of this programme is to provide participants with a framework and a set of tools to use when managing a selection process. There will be given plenty of opportunity to practice key skills during each of the 3 modules. In the last session practice interviews will be held to enable participants to draw on the different tools introduced. They will be able to establish whether a candidate meets the requirements of the role. Thought will also be given to what needs to happen afterwards at onboarding.


This course is designed to help those people who need to hire new members to their teams as part of their role of team or project manager. Successful recruitment processes are not only essential for the future of any organization; they are also an exercise in marketing to the outside world.

To provide existing and future team leaders with specific tools so that they are able to:

  • Prepare an accurate description of the role in question, draw up a person specification and decide what they need to look for in people who apply for the role.
  • Conduct interviews to draw out the information that is needed from candidates, to find the best person for the role.
  • Plan the induction for the new team member which will include areas for development, organization information and introduction to stakeholders.

A virtual and highly participative programme using Zoom. With the use of virtual breakout rooms, there will be plenty of small group work including roleplays and practice exercises. The Zoom platform allows for dynamic presentation of theory, there will be space for individual reflection and a rich exchange of ideas.

Material participants need to bring: Any documentation relevant for reference when designing new research roles, job descriptions etc. Examples of CVs received, or any completed application forms received.

Event intended for

Principal investigators, team leaders within scientific research and management/admin staff.

Extra information
  • This training is only open for VIB participants and is free.
  • Note that upon no show without valid justification a fee of € 100 will be charged and you will be blacklisted for the VIB training program for 1 year. Click here for more information.


Louise Schubert

Louise Schubert MSC, CIPD, Senior Practitioner Coach, Diploma in Supervision of Coaches. Louise works as an executive coach, coach supervisor, consultant, group facilitator and trainer. She particularly enjoys working virtually, as it allows learning to be creative, highly participative and fun in new ways. Interviewing others has been a particularly important part of her work in many different contexts. For over 10 years she assessed senior managers in recruitment and leadership development processes.


Part One: 

  • Welcome and Introductions.
  • What needs to happen when a vacancy occurs?
  • Job descriptions, context, reporting lines and key relationships, main responsibilities, expected results.
  • Person specification, what are we looking for in a potential candidate? • Where to advertise and how.
  • Use of CV’s and application documents.
  • Preparation required for practice Interviews next week.

Part Two: 

  • Planning the interview: How to structure, maintaining control, note taking.
  • Question Technique, Body language, listening skills.
  • Demonstration.
  • Skills practice in small groups. Share learning.
  • Organisation of triads for Practice Interviews.

Part Three:  

  • Practice Interviews in triads with feedback.
  • Decision making and preparation for the arrival of a new team member.
  • Induction and Mentoring.
  • Review and Conclusion