Inspirational Leadership – Getting things done with your team

Inspirational Leadership – Getting things done with your team

leadership & management

Ghent, Clemenspoort

Start date:

10 May 2021


10, 11 & 28 May 2021

General context

People quit their bosses, not their jobs. The main driver of people quitting their job, having a low job satisfaction or low performance is because of their manager. A large study at Google has shown that the most effective teams, that outperform all other teams have only one thing in common: trust. Trust in each‐other and trust in their team‐leader. 

How can you build a team from loose individuals? How do you grow trust? How can you inspire the people around you to performing at their best?

In this training we will cover how you can motivate and inspire people, how you build effective teams. You  will  learn  how  our  minds  work  and  how  you  need  to  adapt  as  a  leader.  We  will  put  these theoretical insights into action by leveraging several tools into a plan for you and your team. At the end you will learn how to follow‐up, provide feedback and evaluate performance. Finally we will cover a number of easy wins on how to build your relationships while still having enough spare time for your own work. 


How to go from group to team  

  • What motivates others? 
  • Define the team purpose. 
  • Define the team values. 
  • Define the objectives. 
  • Building trust with transparency and clarity. 

How the human brain works  

  • You go towards your focus. 
  • Questions trigger the mind. 
  • The mind cannot avoid a don’t. 
  • The mind can only focus on one thought at a time. 
  • The power of beliefs. 

Providing direction 

  • Getting to know your direct reports. 
  • Comfort, Stretch, Stress zones for development. 
  • Manager’s role in setting priorities. 
  • Strengths based leadership. 
  • Annual action plan. 
  • Setting individual objectives and success measures. 
  • Communicating expectations 
  • 1on1 leadership 

Providing feedback 

  • Regular Employee‐Manager Touch Points 
  • Effective listening 
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback 
  • Feedback Delivery Techniques 
  • Planning a feedback meeting 
  • Rose of Leary 
  • Handling Resistance to Feedback 
  • Evaluating Contributions 
  • The Action Plan – Performance Evaluation 

Reward and recognition 

  • How to stimulate wanted behaviours 
  • Individual versus group rewards 
  • The power of Moments 
    • Achievement 
    • Transition 
    • Relationships 

1. Understanding the roles and responsibilities as manager of others 
2. Understanding how you create a team out of individuals 
3. Understanding how can motivate and inspire team members 
4. Understanding how you can build trust and relationships via listening 
5. Understanding how to provide effective feedback 
6. Understanding the different feedback styles and when best to apply them. 
7. Understanding the power of moments, how you can win big with small investment. 


Lecture,  Individual  work,  Break‐Out  Discussions,  Group  Discussions,  Case‐Studies,  Role  playing, Feedback. 

Event intended for

Prime‐prospect: Post‐Docs and ZAP, but in essence anyone who is ‘starting’ as a leader of others.

Extra information
  • This training is only open for VIB participants and is free.
  • Note that upon no show without valid justification a fee of € 100 will be charged and you will be blacklisted for the VIB training program for 1 year. Click here for more information.


Robin Lefebvre - Grow 2 Excel

Robin Lefebvre is a coach and trainer and has worked both in academia and industry. In academia he obtained his PhD at VIB-UAntwerpen on Molecular Genetics. In industry he was responsible for a research department at Procter and Gamble, where he was also a corporate trainer and head of recruitment for R&D Belgium. He followed his passion to help others grow, and is now active as a full-time leadership trainer and coach.



The course consists of three parts:

Individual pre‐work:  

There will be a number of questions probing towards your training expectations and your experiences as a leader, that you want the learn more about. 

The actual training: 

A 3 day training; 3 days of 8 hours with a trainer. 

Post Training track:

During the second and third day, the whole group will be divided in sub‐groups of 4 to 5 participants. This with the intent of creating discussion groups that will continue after the training on how to apply the  training  content.  Most  learning  happens when  applying  the  material,  and  making  a  longer connection after  the training. All participants have experienced  the same group process and while coming from a different background are at the same turning point in their career. Most people miss having this fall‐back option at this turning point, to exchange experiences and insights, to vent their stories.  

The sub‐group will have the opportunity to continue learning up to 8 session after the training. There are 8 discussion guides for a 1hour meeting available, to enable going deeper into the different tools from the training. The discussion groups will further be supported via an online discussion forum and a  group facilitator  to  moderate  the  online  forum  and  keep  the  drum  beat.  All activities  are  on  a voluntary  basis,  with  online  material  to  facilitate  the discussions.  The  trainer  will  be  available  for questions on the forum. 

Practical info

Location & Venue
Clemenspoort Gent

Overwale 3
9000 Ghent

Public transport
Clemenspoort Gent
Public transport

The train station Ghent St-Pieters is only 250 m away. We have 40 bike lots.

Route description
Clemenspoort Gent

We offer parking lots (1.20 € per hour). GPS address: Sint-Denijslaan 251.
Please take the neem the exit SPORTHAL HoGent (not Campus HoGent) and drive all the way to the end, so past the parking slots of HoGent.

Venue contact
Clemenspoort Gent
Location contact

+32 476 46 10 40