Using MOFA for integration of omics data

Using MOFA for integration of omics data



Start date:

03 May 2019

03 May 2019

General context

This training provides an introduction to Multi-Omics Factor Analysis (MOFA) for the integration of different omic data sets in an unsupervised fashion. It will enable you to run MOFA on multi-omic data, identify and explore the major drivers of variations across omics and use the inferred factors in various downstream analyses.

  • What kind of preprocessing of the data is required for MOFA?
  • How to train MOFA on a multi-omic data set?
  • How to interpret the MOFA factors by their loadings, using gene set enrichment or sample ordination?
  • How to use MOFA for downstream analyses including regression, classification or clustering?
  • How to impute missing values with MOFA?
  • How to select the number of factors and compare different MOFA fits?
Required skills

Familiarity with R and RStudio.

Software demonstrated

MOFA (Multi‐Omics Factor Analysis—a framework for unsupervised integration of multi‐omics data sets) -


Ricard Argelaguet

Predoctoral Fellow in the Stegle  and Marioni research group of the European Bioinformatics Institute




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Public transport

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Extra information
  • This course is free for VIB participants
  • Registration fee for non-VIB academics is 50 Euro.
  • Registration fee for non-VIB academics is 300 Euro.
  • Note that upon no show without valid justification you will be blacklisted for the VIB training program for 1 year. Click here for more information.