Analyzing qPCR data with qbase+

Analyzing qPCR data with qbase+

General context

This hands-on training provides an introduction to the analysis of qPCR data using qbase+. Although this software allows to do various types of analyses (gene expression, copy number analysis, miRNA profiling), we will focus in the training on gene expression analysis.


This training specifically focuses on the analysis of gene expression data using qbase+. During this training you will:

  • create an experiment in qbase+
  • import run data
  • customize sample properties
  • select reference genes
  • assess the quality of your qPCR data
  • visualize and export the results
Required skills

Qbase+ is freely distributed by BITS to VIB scientists. Therefore the training will be limited to VIB scientists.

The training is intended for people with basic knowledge of the principles underlying qPCR.


Christof De Bo
Staff employee Research Informatics at VIB
Contact Christof De Bo :



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